Driving Factors Influencing Consumers Decisions On Purchasing Cars In UAE

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    Driving Factors Influencing Consumers Decisions On Purchasing Cars In UAE

    Academic Paper from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, grade: A-, Amity University (Dubai), course: MBA, language: English, abstract: The objective of this study is to find out the factors that influence consumer buying behaviour towards vehicles in the UAE perspective.Purchasing a car is the second most important and expensive investment in everybody's life after purchasing a house. Consumers have created a strong car brand image of different car brands and will keep on increasing in upcoming years. This dissertation describes and shows the issues or factors which arise when people decide to purchase a car in UAE. Different Industries and services which is linked to car industry segments plays a major role in the economy. Different types of models and technologies have been invented by different car companies which made consumers to afford different choices and make them way luxurious better than before. The financial risks and personal taste and preferences shows the amount of effort the buyers put when buying a new car. This essence of a high involvement purchase decision is often the purchase of a new carCustomers attitude is not easy when buying a car, it varies according to high state of social and mental contributions. People settle on their choice by looking every single alternative which is worth their interest and cost. The buying procedure of cars are affected by various factors such as their income, cars taste and preferences, instalment choices, maintenance costs and in addition to fuel costs. The buying behaviour is also affected by many mental factors such as observations, inspiration from loved ones, and trust towards the brand. About different brands, individuals also try to take different information's from companions and associates. Car manufactures need to consider different financial factors which impacts the buyers like loan costs, income and rise in fuel costs. In such a way all carmakers should make cars according to the needs of the buyers.
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