Tax Haven Ireland

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    Tax Haven Ireland

    An exposé of how incredible wealth is funnelled through a country without benefiting its people
    This is the story of how a small island on the edge of Europe became one of the worlds major tax havens. From global corporations such as Apple and Google, to investment bankers and mainstream politicians, tax breaks have been seemingly handed out to anyone who asked.Tax Haven Ireland uncovers the central players in this process and exposes the coverups employed by the Irish state, with the help of accountants, lawyers, and financial services companies. From the Irish porn industry to corruption in the property market this issue distorts business right across the state, and its history runs deep, going back the countrys origins as a British colonial outpost.Today, in the wake of Brexit and in the shadow of yet another economic crash, what can be done to prevent such fraudulent and dangerous behaviour and reorganise an economy to invest in its people? Can Ireland build an alternative economy based on democratic and socialist planning?
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    Pluto Press
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