Viruses, Vaccines, and Antivirals

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    Viruses, Vaccines, and Antivirals

    <p>This series addresses viral politics with an initial focus on the 'COVID-phenomenon': more than a viral infection, COVID-19 has impacted how scientists find solutions, what governments do, and how societies react. </p>

    This short book brings together novel cross-interdisciplinary investigation from both natural and social science, representing a true hybrid across disciplines examining the 'politics' and 'science' of COVID-19. Viruses, Vaccines, and Antivirals: Why Politics Matters considers the dynamics surrounding viruses, proposed vaccines, and antiviral therapies, contextualizing what governments have done during the COVID-19 crisis.

    The four basic phases of a pandemic are considered with a strong focus on COVID-19, namely the anticipating and early virus detection, containment strategies, policies to control and mitigate the spread of the virus and policies aimed at opening up society. Viruses, Vaccines, and Antivirals examines policy developments throughout these phases in key nations worldwide and puts forward a blueprint for countries developing public policies to deal with a pandemic.

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