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    Start your journey to enlightened leadership and unlock your true potential with this guide to improving the physiological factors which can limit career success.
    Business leaders are faced with impossible decisions and demands every day which will eventually take a damaging toll on their overall health and energy levels. Explore and understand how to overcome the obstacles inhibiting performance and unlock the potential that lies within every business leader. Most leaders are operating nowhere near their optimal level of performance. In this book, Dr Alan Watkins helps business leaders at every level understand how they can improve and unlock their hidden potential using a proven model that has helped many including the Olympic and Paralympic Rowing Squad as they prepared for London 2012 and Rio 2016, resulting in them achieving their best ever medal haul in London 2012.Coherence shows how narrowly avoiding burnout day in, day out is not sustainable. Based on up-to-date scientific evidence it advises readers on how to increase energy levels and become more enlightened leaders. Includes case studies from some of the most prominent leaders in business, such as Mike Iddon CFO of Pets at Home, and formally Finance Director at Tesco. Now in its second edition, this vital guide contains upgraded practical tools and new insights on health, mindfulness, compassion and meditation.
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    Kogan Page
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