Frühneuzeitliche Dimensionen steppennomadischer Gewalt

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    Frühneuzeitliche Dimensionen steppennomadischer Gewalt

    Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Turkvölker was founded in 1980 by the Hungarian Turkologist György Hazai. The series deals with all aspects of Turkic language, culture and history, and has a broad temporal and regional scope. It welcomes manuscripts on Central, Northern, Western and Eastern Asia as well as parts of Europe, and allows for a wide time span from the first mention in the 6th century to modernity and present.
    The 16th and 17th century raids of the Tatars of the Northern Black Sea take an important place in the historical consciousness of the Eastern European societies that were affected by it. With a focus on the destructions and their consequences much of the previous research found only insufficient and often biased explanations for the raids. The question what social function the raids had for the Crimean Khanate and the Tatar communities of the Ottoman Empire was barely addressed. This study tackles that gap of research. It casts light on the diplomatic, administrative, and economic practices that helped perpetuate cross-border violence. Special attention is given to the embedding of the raids into wider political networks stretching i.a. from Bagçasaray to Isfahan and Ia i to Istanbul. Last but not least it scrutinizes the importance of collectively performed violence and the polarization of Crimean Tatar elites by fear of violence as factors influencing the raids. The book is an important contribution to the understanding of an European historical landscape that earned a lot of attention in the last years but remains little studied.
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