Bob Hartman's Rhyming Christmas

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    Bob Hartman's Rhyming Christmas

    "Rhyming Christmas "by bestselling children's storyteller Bob Hartman is a fantastically fun retelling of the Nativity story for kids of all ages will love to read and perform whether at home, in church or in school.
    One HUMP, two HUMPS, lumpety-lump,
    The star-watchers went with BUMP and a THUMP.
    One HUMP, two HUMPS, lumpety-lump,
    The star-watchers followed the star.
    Discover the angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the three kings and the baby Jesus as youve never seen them before in "Bob Hartmans Rhyming Christmas". A delightfully funny and vibrant retelling in rhyme of the story of Christmas, this is a poem that children and grown-ups will love to read and perform whether at home, in church or in school.
    The Nativity story is wonderfully retold by master storyteller Bob Hartman in this entertaining picture book for 3-5 year olds. With memorable rhymes that young children will eagerly be joining in with, "Bob Hartmans Rhyming Christmas" is the perfect way to introduce this most beloved Bible story to kids in a way thats accessible and easily understood.
    Mark Beechs bright, colourful illustrations bring this Bible story book to life, and there are pages for children to colour in themselves. The clear, simple text is ideal for young children just starting to read and for adults to read aloud, and is perfect for performing all together.
    "Bob Hartmans Rhyming Christmas" is a picture book that will enchant children and parents alike, and is ideal for reading alongside Bob Hartmans Rhyming Bible and the Rhyming Parable series. It is also a brilliant story time resource for KS1 teachers, Sunday School teachers and those involved in childrens ministry looking for fresh ways of staging the Nativity. Kids will learn about the Biblical story of Christmas in an entertaining and engaging way, and gain a new understanding of the heart of the Christian faith.
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