Traditional occupations and tourism potential in Romania

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    Traditional occupations and tourism potential in Romania

    Tourism on account traditional occupations in the form in which it is also presents today, shines a light on its genesis and their trends, of the elements of originality and to the continual improvements brought along centuries of ancient techniques. With respect to the tradition trades popular effort, Gheorghe Iordache in the work "Traditional occupations on the territory of Romania" made the following remark: "In accordance with archaeological testimonies, with the facts of language, with ancient beliefs and habits, ethnographic or numismatic interest ( relics, etc. , it is advisable to do it, but please specify that - and in the most unfavourable times historical-popular tradition trades effort on the territory of Romania does not turn off ever, that in the exercise of their continued to survive centuries a nucleus or a sap within the depth of thought and the soul ancestors, that this legacy has been strong, steady and that it affected both the technology of producing the products, as well as shape, ornamentica them".
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