Promotion Among High School Teachers

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    Promotion Among High School Teachers

    The huge workforce in teaching profession creates impediment on criteria to promote a few teachers leaving out a large group. Performance criterion poses challenges due to immeasurability of many aspects of the job. The vertical nature of most promotions mainly to school administration creates only a few posts. This book explores promotions of the majority high school teachers who do not get to the limited administrative posts. Stagnation in one job position creates negative attitudes towards work and teacher burnout jeopardizing the learning process. The influence of type of school, gender, experience, qualifications and teachers' subject areas of specializations on promotion is explored in this work. The book is a rich and precise base for researchers in education and other sectors to explore options of increasing productivity of labor that complements acquisition of skills and knowledge through training. The book also forms an important base for human resource managers to critically study the practice and policies on promotions with a view to laying out better strategies. It offers a practical career guide to practicing teachers and college students studying education.
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