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    Horror Punk

    Horror punk, or sometimes zombie punk, is a music genre that was defined by the band Misfits, blending horror movie lyrical themes and imagery with musical influences from early punk rock, doo-wop, and, to a lesser degree, rockabilly. Horror punk bands usually tell tales through their lyrics, which are often related to horror films, black humor, and horror stories or novels. Horror punk has traditionally used, amongst other horror influence, the aesthetics and themes of zombie films. Some bands base their whole genre on zombies, taking up the name zombiecore. Often bands who tend to play horror punk properly or a horror punk influenced kind of music, are categorized under the umbrella genre "horror rock" in order to separate them from more traditional punk bands, this term is also used by bands to refer to their music (like Calabrese) or is included on their songs lyrics and imagery (for an example, Balzac). The horror punk genre has a thriving underground following, with websites and concert festivals. The fan base has been tied to the resurgence of the closely-related genres, psychobilly, deathrock and horror surf.
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