Conrad's Modern Nomads

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    Conrad's Modern Nomads

    Conrad juxtaposes Western culture with its native§counterpart in order to formulate a vision that can§guide the alienated individual who has lost his§connection with his own nature, his family, and his§society. Unlike many of his contemporaries who only§describe this miserable human condition, Conrad§offers guidance to rehabilitate the individual.His§target is the Western mind, which needs to be §decolonized by being reminded of the fundamental§equality of all human beings.§Conrad s female characters, especially those who are§exposed to injustices and exploitations, play a very §crucial role in this decolonization process.They are§strong and capable enough to decenter the self-§evidence of the binary opposition between the male as§the superior and the female as the inferior. They §bring balance not only into social environment but§also into the power struggle between cultures. Once§the male and the female can relate to each other§without engaging in a power struggle, they will be§able to taste peace and happiness. This mutual and§complementary relationship becomes the symbol of the§social order Conrad s art envisions.
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