Impact of motivational factors

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    Impact of motivational factors

    A happy worker is a productive worker is an assumption on which this research is based. Motivational factors play an important role to increase employee s productivity by making them happy and satisfied. This study was conducted to identify and analyze the importance of motivational factors that lead toward job satisfaction and organizational commitment in telecom sector of Pakistan. The association among Motivators and Hygiene factors (independent variables) were investigated with job satisfaction (mediating variable) and its relationship with organizational commitment (dependent variable) was also hypothesized. Simple random sampling techniques was used to draw the sample from the population, 350 responses through questionnaires were collected from managerial and non managerial employees. SPSS 17.0 has been used for analysis and the outcome of study was being questionable to Herzberg s theory by concluding that both extrinsic and intrinsic factors have significant and positive relationship with job satisfaction but association of Hygiene factors with job satisfaction is more than motivators in telecom sector.
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