Guava pruning and its physiology

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    Guava pruning and its physiology

    Flowering in Guava occurs at three distinct seasons namely spring, rainy and autumn. This experiment attempts to study the impacts of time and level of pruning on growth, flowering, leaf tissue analysis and yield of guava and find the best interaction to induce the plants to yield in winter season which is superior in quality with good market demand. Findings of the study reveals that time of pruning interacted significantly with level of pruning in respect to yield. Results help to conclude that to reduce rainy season crop and to give a good yield with high quality fruits in winter season, the plants are pruned in 20 cm pruning level not later than first week of May. As leaf tissue is concerned, study suggests that pruning time could not influence the NPK content of leaf significantly but level of pruning had marked effect on its content. This book helps to understand the tree management strategy to increase shoot numbers and induce off-season flowering and also give some insights on how pruning brings balance between vegetative and reproductive function of the plant.
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