2008 FÁS Expenditure Controversy

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    2008 FÁS Expenditure Controversy

    The FÁS expenditure controversy is an ongoing incident in Ireland in November/December 2008 in which significant public and political outcry has been roused, and at least one senior figure of a government organisation has resigned. The incident first emerged in June 2008 when Dáil Éireann (the lower house of the Irish parliament) was told one morning by Leader of the Opposition Enda Kenny that gardaí were investigating the alleged misappropriate use of funds by a senior executive within FÁS. The director general of the training and employment agency, Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS; referred to in the English language as the Training and Employment Authority), Rody Molloy resigned late on 25 November after revelations that himself and fellow FÁS executives spent hundreds of thousands of euro belonging to the company on lavish holidays to the United States, which included first-class travel and expensive rounds of golf, including 643,000 over a period of four years on transatlantic travel for the purpose of promoting the Science Challenge programme and almost 48,000 in air fares for journeys undertaken by Molloy, sometimes accompanied by his wife.
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