Standing in the Gap Preaching in a Post-Christendom Culture

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    Standing in the Gap Preaching in a Post-Christendom Culture

    We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Today, the church is residing along the margins of modern culture. For many Christians, and especially for those who have been called to preach, the church's marginalized status has been difficult to accept. However, this new location of the church in the world is also the place for much optimism. In his book, Standing in the Gap, Paul Beck looks back to find a compelling model in the prophet Ezekiel for how to preach the gospel in today's ever-changing world. He unpacks the concept that while preaching from the margins requires a different mindset, it is still God's appointed means to reach the world. The good news is God-exalting preaching often occurs when the church has been knocked back against the ropes. It is along the cultural margins where biblical preaching can be the most effective and subversive.
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