Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills of Experts

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    Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills of Experts

    Revision with unchanged content. A documented shortage of technical leadership and top-tier performers in computer science jeopardizes the technological edge and economic well-being of the nation. The supply of science, technology, and engineering experts is at the core of national competitiveness. However, recent data shows that both undergraduate and postgraduate production of computer scientists is falling. Companies have begun to realize that cognitive skills are important for high-level performance and are reevaluating the traditional academic standards used to predict success for their employees. This study examines the critical-thinking skills found among experts in order to explore the questions, "What cognitive skills do outstanding performers possess that make them successful?" and "How do currently used measures of academic performance correlate to critical-thinking skills among students?" The results of this study suggest a need to examine how critical-thinking abilities are learned in the undergraduate computer science curriculum and the need to foster these abilities in order to produce the high-level, critical-thinking professionals necessary to fill the growing need for these experts.
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