Epidemic Care Assessment according to Social & Economic Status

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    Epidemic Care Assessment according to Social & Economic Status

    Epidemic Care Assessment and health care is defined by the association of the health system. Health care system not only represents the health structure but it also many other section which constitute the whole system. These are economic conditions, family system, and social support network, cultural forces, environmental conditions, political systems and other then, each affect the health care seeking patterns. Almost all the developing countries have health care system, the public and the private health sector co-exit, effecting with each other. In the world rich and poor, both have equal right to enjoy better health. In nineteenth century socio economic status and Epidemic Care Assessment relationship come back, when researchers observed differences in health outcomes among tribute, the wealthy choice and the working class in Europe Since then, measures of socio-economic status have come to appear regularly in studies of the causes of health and mortality. Given that a variety of socio-economic variables including income, education, occupation, race, and culture, among other showing similar associations with health
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