Characteristics of a School-University Partnership

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    Characteristics of a School-University Partnership

    Several groups and forums have called for change and reform of education through the creation of educational partnerships. As schools and universities responded to these pressures, an increasing number of S-UPs formed. Today more than ever, K-12 S-UPsare considered by many groups to be an effective reform vehicle although empirical studies remain scant. This study examined one S-UP model to see whether a framework of S-UP characteristicsserved as a foundation in understanding the complexities of whathappened in an actual S-UP. The study used nine characteristics to examine the principal preparation program for an urban district and examined what characteristics of an S-UP emerged and whether thenine characteristics of S-UPs found in the literature provided a useful framework to understand a particular S-UP. This study fillsa gap in S-UP literature concerning the lack of a framework that provides researchers a fundamental approach to the study of this complex and dynamic system. The study should be useful for any educators interested or involved in S-UPs, as well as forr esearchers and educators interested in advancing empirical studies of S-UPs.
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