Makli, Sindhi Islamic Architectural Conservation

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    Makli, Sindhi Islamic Architectural Conservation

    This first part of this book comprises of a collection of diagnosis for the three distinct sites located in Makli tombs in Thatta. The oldest and biggest necropolis of the world located in Sindh, the most richly cultural province, the place where we both were born and we both are truly gravitation towards it. The second part discusses few preservation policies, and their implementation in Karachi, and then finally a comparative analysis of conservation of porous material of a Mughal Building in Lahor. The semi monolithic site of Makli is of critical importance in terms of understanding the socio-economic processes present at this time in the Sindh, Pakistan. Scholars have drawn conclusions about the semi monolithic technologies employed at later historic sites at Makli, based on attributes identified within experimental datasets. This research aims to show that the interpretation of the relationship between the experimental and archaeological datasets and questions the mono lithic production strategy is shown to be constrained by the quality of the raw material.
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