Fertilizer Requirements and Nutrient Dynamics in Teak Plantations

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    Fertilizer Requirements and Nutrient Dynamics in Teak Plantations

    Teak(Tectona grandis L.f) occupies a dominant position in the highly sought after timbers in the world.This species originates from countries with tropical monsoon climates, chiefly India, Myanmar,Thailand and Cambodia.The annual pronounced dry season followed by wet weather in these countries imparts a beautiful grain structure to teak.At the same time teak wood is characteristically strong,durable and easily workable. Teak rules the world market because of its sterling qualities.It is difficult to find a happy blend of beauty,strength,stability and durability in any other tropical timber. Teak wood is being extensively used for ship building, bridges and wharves, railway carriages and wagons,ordnance, shingles,wheels,carving and general carpentry.As a result, it is much sought after throughout the world and fetches a high price as compared to other species of wood.With a growing trend to establish commercial plantations for quality timbers, there is a need to determine the critical levels of nutrient requirements for optimum growth of teak.The book gives an elaborate narration of fertilizer requirements and nutrient dynamics in teak plantations.
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