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    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Oekaki ( ) ( : O = Formal prefix, : E = picture, : KAKI = to draw) is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, meaning "doodle or scribble". In Japan, songs that describe how to draw animals and/or favorite characters are called "Ekaki Uta". These songs are supposed to help children remember how to draw something by incorporating drawing directions into the lyrics. (E.g, first you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, draw a great big smile, etc....) If they memorize the song, which is easy to do because it is usually a catchy melody, effectively they have remembered how to draw what the song describes. Children at play often sing these songs as they doodle on paper or in playground sand. Drawing songs exist for many children's cartoon characters in Japan, for example Sgt. Frog, Doraemon, and "Kirby of the Stars".
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