Intelligent Transport Systems

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    Intelligent Transport Systems

    Our cities are increasingly becoming a complex network of systems that are instrumented and interconnected providing an opportunity for better management of vital infrastructure. An Internet of Things comprising sensors and mobile devices all communicating with each other to enhance infrastructure capability and resilience. In transport, the convergence of physical and digital worlds is creating unprecedented opportunities to enhance the travel experience for millions of people every day. A key to the success of these systems is a good understanding of driver behaviour under the influence of travel information. This book extends previous work by presenting a new generation of Neural Agent (Neugent) models to describe drivers decisions and compliance with information. The new models enhance the capabilities of existing tools in modelling the behaviour of heterogeneous drivers and dealing with the vagueness inherent in driver decision making and the information received from sensors and the road environment. This book also describes the traffic simulation and practical applications of the new models and how they serve as a valuable tool for researchers and practitioners alike.
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