Self-actualisation at Work - is it (im)possible?

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    Self-actualisation at Work - is it (im)possible?

    Self-actualisation - driven by our mind or soul, or both? Self-actualising - what does one do and feel? Whom or what does it depend on if one can fulfil self-actualization? This book answers these questions. The book aims to understand and explain self-actualisation, its meaning. It also tries to collect factors facilitating or impeding self-actualisation in an organisation. The book shows how an individual, his work and the organisation itself can help or hinder his self-actualising endeavour. This book is recommended for those willing to try to reach a better life quality, whether as an individual or as a manager, an HR specialist or as a consultant. Those who walk this way live a committed life. Listening to their inner voices they look for the way to their Purer Self . Led by their heart and mind they do not ignore their true feelings. They are bearers of love that becomes wisdom. (N.A.)
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