Rugby Union in Zimbabwe

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    Rugby Union in Zimbabwe

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Rugby union in Zimbabwe, and its predecessor state Rhodesia, is a significant sport. Like the country's history, it has been riven with controversy, but equally the world has seen Zimbabwe at the Rugby World Cup on two occasions. As with rugby union in Namibia, the country's lack of infrastructure, and largely rural population has been a problem for national organisers. The Rhodesian Rugby Football Union was founded in 1895) In 1952, split into Northern and Southern Sub-Unions. Its successor, the Zimbabwean Rugby Football Union affiliated to the IRFB in 1987, shortly before the First World Cup. It is now called the "Zimbabwe Rugby Union". It is also part of the Confederation of African Rugby. Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia, and this name change reflects the complex history of the country. Not unlike other neighbouring African countries, Zimbabwean rugby has been a legacy of British colonialism. This has created big problems, particularly as it has been dominated by a white settler class, and has not achieved the kind of racial integration that it should have done.
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