Design and Development of Drive Train for Electric Vehicle

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    Design and Development of Drive Train for Electric Vehicle

    The use of IC engine in the ever increasing fleet of world vehicles has been questioned in recent times due to the increasing concerns of global warming.Battery operated Electric vehicle is the best solution to mitigate this environmental pollution,particularly in large urban and sub-urban areas.In this work,design and development of drive train for an electric three wheeler platform was undertaken.The appropriate rating of propulsion motor,on-board battery requirement and transmission gear ratio were determined considering the Indian Drive Cycle(IDC)and thorough analysis of the vehicle dynamics.Three phase induction motor was chosen as the propulsion motor in view of reliability,robustness,high efficiency,low maintenance,ease of manufacture and favourable economics.The motor has been designed particularly for EV application and analysed in JMAG software.It uses indirect field-oriented control with field weakening operation to operate beyond base speed to fulfill frequently varying speed and load torque demand and successfully validated on laboratory level experimental setup.
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