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    Physical activity had started with the origin of mankind. All living species such as animals, birds, insects etc. also so activity to move their bodies. Each individual needs physical activity which starts from the birth of child and continues till death. Even before the birth, the child also does some movements in its mother's womb. Fitness is essence if not in name, has always been a concern of every human being and physical power from pre-historic times through history has been equated with survival and power. Evidences from excavations, Anthropology and history indicate that sports, games, dances and general play of children have formed a strong cultural pattern inseparably woven into the history of man wherever he lived. In the ancient times discussion about physical fitness frequently involves in arguments about definition. Fitness is not only a concern of country but it has become a world wide interest. In the present project the investigator has made an attempt to study the physical fitness of selected female students studying in Various Senior Secondary Schools in Patiala district in urban and rural areas.
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