Study of Urinary Tract Infection Visiting Patients in Hospital

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    Study of Urinary Tract Infection Visiting Patients in Hospital

    Urinary tract infection is a common medical problem; sometimes, leading to the number of deaths either from acute infection or from chronic renal failure. This study was conducted in Western regional Hospital Pokhara among patients suspected of UTI from June 2009 to April 2010. The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of UTI in patients, etiology of UTI, antibiotic susceptibility profile, to isolate the multi-drug resistant strains (MDR-strains).Altogether, 500 samples were investigated by conventional semi-quantitative culture technique. The pus cell count, red blood cell count, and epithelial cell count was performed for detection of UTI. Out of 500 urine samples, 23.2% showed significant growth while 76.8% samples showed non significant growth. Also, among the 116 isolates from the samples (30.17%) isolates were from the male and (69.82%) isolates were from the female patients. Age group 0-20 and 21-40 have the higest prevalence of UTI in case of male and female patient respectively.
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