Early Norwegian Black Metal Scene

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    Early Norwegian Black Metal Scene

    The early Norwegian black metal scene was a group of Norwegian black metal enthusiasts in the early 1990s, which was identified by some as a cult "The Black Circle" or "Black Metal Inner Circle". It consisted of youths ranging from late teens to mid-twenties, most of whom gathered at the record store Helvete ("Hell") in Oslo. It is from this scene that the "Second Wave" of black metal emanated. The scene was the focus of controversy due to the strong anti-Christian standpoint of its members and the crimes they committed. There were two cases of murder, over two-dozen cases of arson, and other alleged "Satanically- motivated" crimes. The scene drew the gaze of the Norwegian and international media, who often exaggerated the claims surrounding its members. For example, one Norwegian TV channel aired an interview with a woman who claimed that "Satanists" sacrificed her child and murdered her dog.
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