Electronic and structural modulation of 1D carbon nanostructure

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    Electronic and structural modulation of 1D carbon nanostructure

    The overall impact of the present work lies on the successful control of N-doping level into the hexagonal sp2-carbon network with tunable N-substituents and their crucial effect in morphology and enhanced electronic behavior of carbon nanotubes. Hence, the real challenge is to design large-scale CNx-based display device on lithographically fabricated flexible surface. N-functionalities could induce potentiality in CNx-NT as the poisonous H2O2 or biochemical sensor there in, without any precious metal-catalyst mediation. Thus, the process described here, could decrease the cost and enhance the long term performance of CNx-based electrode rather than the Pt-C based commercial electrode. In addition, the N-doped carbon nanotubes have significant surface chemical activity due to its N-functionalities, which are assisting the formation of suitable heterojunction between CNx and semiconductor/metal nanoparticles. We could believe these CNx-Semiconductors nanohybrids could be a challenging material to generate higher number of photo-excitons, target to produce H2 via photochemical water depletion, as a renewable energy source. These could be the real challenges for the upcoming decades.
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