Jahrbuch Ökologie 2015

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    Jahrbuch Ökologie 2015

    It is commonly observed that where many educational institutes are delivering effectively and producing number of doctors, engineers and scientists but few institutions are failed to deliver well and students who get degree from such type of institutions they are unable to get the jobs even they don't have any improvement in their characters and habits, we can not say that those institutions are bad but the lacks can be remove by the presence of quality leadership. This research is helpful to evaluate and overcome the problems in public and private educational institutions by comparing the leadership of both type of institutions. This research is not only helpful to compare the leadership styles qualitatively and quantitatively but also this research helps the educational leaders to improve the standard of teaching and learning. This research describes how leadership styles can be compared with the help of mathematical formulae and to judge which style is much effective in public and private educational institutions.
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    Hirzel, Stuttgart
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