Sustainability Issues of the High Rise Apartment and their Resolution

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    Sustainability Issues of the High Rise Apartment and their Resolution

    Possession of shelter is a basic human need not only for the protection against natural elements and hostile weather, but also for the maintenance of accepted standard of family and society. With the evolution of mankind, organized living and civilization sense has evolved too. The increasing concentration of population in urban areas created new problems especially due to internal migration and rapid urbanization, the valley is undergoing an urban explosion rather than managed urban growth. The city, thus have become congested .Hence there is huge settlement problem in the city, increasing the number of squatters, the result of which is that the city is now progressing from horizontal to vertical i.e. the rise in the culture of high rise apartments and housing. The development of housing project, high rise apartment has helped to solve the housing problems of the urban area to some extent. But since the construction of such high risers and apartment are not planned and is haphazard, environment problems have been evident.
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