Malaria-HIV co-infection

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    Malaria-HIV co-infection

    In sub-Saharan Africa, several hundreds of pregnancies are exposed to both malaria and HIV infections annually. Consequences of these infections include preterm delivery (PTD), low birth weight (LBW), low Apgar score (LAS, and cord malaria parasitemia (CMP). These infections in relation to these adverse outcomes are not well characterized in Ghana. This research determined whether maternal malaria and HIV infections during pregnancy are associated with increased risk of these outcomes. This work demonstrates significantly increased risks of LBW, PTD, LAS and CMP among HIV-positive women who had malaria at recruitment; and at delivery. These risks were more pronounced in women dually-infected with HIV and malaria at both time points. Routine screening of pregnant women for both malaria and HIV at antenatal visits, and successful treatment of malaria may reduce these adverse outcomes. This book will be of monumental importance to Academics, Policy Makers, Ministries of Health with HIV and malaria as problems, and Public Health Professionals with interest in the field of HIV, Malaria, or Perinatal Health.
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