CMC Features in Lingua Franca E-mail Messages

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    CMC Features in Lingua Franca E-mail Messages

    English is used globally as a lingua franca, i.e. a§contact language between people who do not share a§common language. The present study attempts to look§at the European lingua franca context by examining§e-mail messages as they are written in an academic§context, i.e. in one of the environments where§English has been most widely adopted as a lingua§franca. The e-mail messages were analysed with§respect to features that are typically associated§with computer-mediated communication (CMC). The data§consisted of English language e-mail messages§collected from six Erasmus coordinators at the§University of Jyväskylä. The study aims at examining§the features ascribed to CMC and their frequency in§the data. The study also considers whether the§relationship and the role of the e-mail writers have§an influence on the language and in particular the§frequency of the CMC features used in the messages.§Further, the study examines the messages with respect§to the lingua franca use of English in them.
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