Network Algorithms

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    Network Algorithms

    In recent years, there has been increasing pressure on graduate students to carry out original research and to write research papers. In some educational institutions, graduate students are expected to publish papers while writing the dissertation or thesis. In any event, graduate level research is now the forefront of issues faced in graduate education, particularly, in competitive universities. The book presents original research that are particularly relevant to graduate level research, but anyone early in his/her research in computer science career might benefit from reading through the research topics covered. The book begins with a general issues related to research such as description, classification, characterization, designation, definition, etc. and then addresses the more specific topics for writing theses such as clarification, elucidation, explanation, result, etc. The latter parts center on the original research, ranging from topics in wireless networking, computational geometry, parallel and distributed algorithms for some fundamental problems in computer science to computational models, parallel and distributed computational paradigms, etc.
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