The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen

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    The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen

    Karlheinz Stockhausen was one of the most influential and prolific composers of the twentieth century. His legacy extends far beyond his extensive catalogue of musical works to his achievements as a pioneer of electronic music, as a writer and thinker on music, and as a teacher. In this volume, various aspects of Stockhausens legacy are discussed, including his influence on the creative work of others, and the influences he likewise derived from some of his closest associates. Central theoretical tenets of his work are revisited and new evaluations made regarding the significance, impact and potential of Stockhausens contributions in this area. Compositions discussed in the volume extend across the whole span of the composers life, with several essays dealing explicitly with the musical, conceptual and theatrical background to Stockhausens work from the opera cycle LICHT onwards. Interdisciplinary in approach and drawing on a number of recent studies of Stockhausens music, many of which are not otherwise available in English, the volume is a significant contribution to Stockhausen scholarship whichlooking forwardprovides new impetuses for the future understanding of his musical legacy.
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