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    X-Nation 2099

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! X-Nation 2099 was a comic book series created by Marvel Comics for their Marvel 2099 imprint. It depicts the course of events in a team of young mutant lives. The series only lasted six issues. In the year 2099, Victor Von Doom approached Cerebra of the X-Men with a proposition. He told her that he had heard of a prophecy that there would be a mutant Messiah that would be coming soon, and he offered her the position of finding it for him. Cerebra agreed and left the X-Men in search of this figure who would lead all of mutantkind into a golden age. She set up camp at Halo City and with the help of Morphine Somers, began to track down these children who all had a possibility to be the Messiah. They collected a team together and Cerebra began trying to teach them how to act differently from the humans in order to survive, but she could not do it alone.
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