Preclinical evaluation of antidiabetic properties of Ficus deltoidea

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    Preclinical evaluation of antidiabetic properties of Ficus deltoidea

    Diabetes mellitus describes as heterogeneous disease caused by a combination of inherited and acquired deficiency in secretion of insulin and by reduced sensitivity of the tissues to secreted insulin. The number of people with diabetes is increasing owing to population growth, ageing, and sedentary lifestyle. Current medicine despite the efficacy showed wide range of side effects, which itself increases the annual rate of morbidity and mortality of diabetes mellitus. In this circumstance there is urge for novel medicine with lower adverse effect. Standardized natural product that derived from nature and defined by scientists can be substitution for current synthetic medicine Systematical investigation on antidiabetic properties of Ficus deltoidea performed by selection of appropriate in vitro and in vivo models. Further phytochemical studies provides a detailed insight into the active principle responsible for glucose lowering effect. This book provides guidance for researcher interested in investigation of antidiabetic properties of herbal medicine, it also delivers scientific support for traditional claim of glucose lowering effect of Ficus deltoidea.
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