Meaning and Effect of Mayan Healing Practices

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    Meaning and Effect of Mayan Healing Practices

    Mayan culture has been on our planet for many more centuries than modern Western culture has. Any comprehensive search for holistic models that expand our understanding of healing must include their ancient ways. Silvana Spano's experience learning the shamanic practices of a Mayan community in Guatemala was motivated by a wish to expand our knowledge of healing tools that therapists and energy healers can apply. In 2007/2008, Silvana lived 5 months in Guatemala, including 75 days in a traditional Mayan village at the shores of Lake Atitlan. She immersed herself in the culture, conducted a formal research project, completed an apprenticeship with a traditional Mayan healer, and participated in the healing practices of three traditional shamans. The healing system of the modern Mayans is thoroughly reviewed in this work, including shamanic extraction and soul-retrieval practices. Original interviews are included. Academic literature on shamanism and possible implications for Western and Westernized psychotherapy are also explored. The authentic message of the living Mayans is clearly shared, for its true wisdom to be integrated into our lives.
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