Adaptation of Human Postural Control

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    Adaptation of Human Postural Control

    Human movement control is complex and involves over §600 muscles controlled by an advanced regulatory §system guided by three interacting sensory systems. §Still, we can with ease make accurate and smooth §movements, even under continuously changing §conditions. This book illustrates some of the §properties of learning in human postural control §when the sensory and motor systems are affected by §factors such as poor sensation on the soles of the §feet, body overweight or fatigued calf muscles while §standing. The studies show that human postural §control has extensive abilities to adjust its §properties when the sensory or motor system §constraints change and that these adaptive changes §can be mathematically described. The findings §suggest that several partly independent learning §processes, acting at different time scales, are §involved in the formation of an improved performance §designated to handle the situations encountered. The §studies shed new light on how humans learn to handle §novel physical challenges, which should be of §interest for professionals working with physical §training or diagnosing and rehabilitating patients §suffering from balance disorders.
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