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    Sekula Drljevi

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sekula Drljevi , also transcribed as Sekule Drljevi (Montenegrin Cyrillic: e or ), (1884 1945) was a Montenegrin politician, lawyer, and author. His political views and ideological aims ranged wildly and changed frequently during his career in politics. Initially a fiery proponent of Serb unification, Drljevi then became the founder of the pro-Greens Montenegrin Federalist Party that supported Montenegrin sovereignty during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, only to eventually end up as the figurehead of the Montenegrin fascist puppet state created by the Axis forces in 1941. Later during World War II, Drljevi served for the fascist Ustashi in hopes of forming a militia force that would influence matters on the ground in Montenegro where a chaotic battle was raging. After the war, Drljevi was trialed for war crimes and Nazi collaboration, as well the responsibility for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.
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