Science and Time

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    Science and Time

    This book discusses the simplicity and inner nature of Science and how Time represents a critical dimension for the progress and evolution of Science. Since the very beginnings, Science, Technology and Innovation have been a collaborative and social enterprise, with a global nature. Stability over time, is critical for the long-term sustainability of scientific progress. The various chapters provide different perspectives and analyses of the same reality and overwhelming truth. "Time" is fundamental for the evolution and co-evolution of stable networks of collaboration and evolution of scientific ideas tackling innovative applications in societal challenges. There is a secular, long-term continuum on time, demonstrating the cumulative nature of Science. Nevertheless, in specific epochs of Time, revolutionary contributions to Science change significantly the normal science, and inter-mingle with the more stable curve in centuries or even millennia. The collaborative and international nature of science provides its global span and worldwide impact, also in the digital ages. Time is fundamental for the stability of partnerships and the sustainability of policy and strategy.
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