Is It a Religion?

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    Is It a Religion?

    Is It A Religion?The puzzling and practical question was asked by naive religious villagers where the author was brought up:And founded: Sakila Native Church: At his village,in Meru:Tanzania.The same question is asked whenever and wherever the author convey the message that is:Beyond a religion:World at large. When the author was commissioned to reach the unreached of his village. Poor peasants of his land doubted and tortured him as he went through persecutions. Nevertheless,he pressed on and the first believers opened the way to reach from village to village with the Good News.Today their mission have planted churches all over the nation and to other nations of the continent of Africa.The same message that changed the lives of poor peasants has blessed multitudes around the World.The author has ministered in several nation in Europe and America.His message to the World is simple and clear that makes many to see the bible in a different eye.The book you are about to read will let you see what is beyond a religion. Above all,the book will let you see beyond written Word of God. The book is the answer of-Is It A Religion?To acquire the answer:Read the book!
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