A Case Study of One Family's Experience with Assistive Technology

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    A Case Study of One Family's Experience with Assistive Technology

    This study showed how one school and family worked together to create a positive AT environment at school, which was transferred to the home environment. It highlighted the experiences of both family and staff members, and described how AT was integrated into the participants program plans at the beginning of a school year. It also identified highlights and challenges the school team faced in implementing the AT process throughout the school year. Findings in the study indicated that time is a significant factor in the programming, implementation and maintenance of the AT process. This study also indicated the importance of maintaining a clear focus on the objectives of the student and how the devices and strategies can support the individual. Findings indicated that when strategies and devices are transferred between the home and school environment, attainment of skills happened quickly as more time was available to practice skills. Results also revealed that using AT enhanced learning for both participants in various domains of learning.
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