Reintegration of Kazakhstani Repatriates into Their Native Society

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    Reintegration of Kazakhstani Repatriates into Their Native Society

    This study is concerned with the issue of how Kazakh repatriates integrate into the new environment after coming back to their historical motherland. Following the increasing scholarly interest in regard to the problems of adaptation of migrants to the realities they meet within host countries, the presented topic focuses primarily on three specific research questions that will bring complementary understandings on migration phenomena and illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of relevant conceptions in terms of their applicability within the conditions of Kazakhstan. In turn, the study formulates some new conceptualizations and interpretations that might be found useful for future investigations on repatriation as a category of international migration. The first question touches upon how the Kazakh repatriates position themselves within and feel accommodated to the whole local society, while the second investigates the attitude of the natives towards the repatriates themselves. The last question articulates the major obstacles in the way of social integration of repatriates into the Kazakhstani nation.
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