Psychological Health of AIDS Orphan Adolescents

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    Psychological Health of AIDS Orphan Adolescents

    In developing countries the number of children orphaned by AIDS is growing swiftly. Consequently, the psychological well-being of these children has become a serious concern. Using comparative cross-sectional study method assessment of psychological distress of the AIDS orphan adolescents as compared to non-AIDS orphan adolescents and factors related to it, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was carried out. This book presents the findings of this study. Using different psychometric scales, measurement and comparison of depression, anxiety, self esteem and their perceived social support was carried out. Findings of this study will be great resource for care givers of orphans and for organization who works on care and support program of AIDS orphans especially on provision of psychological support. It also provides relevant and scientific information for researchers for further study
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