Local Democratic Governance

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    Local Democratic Governance

    Against the background of the crisis of local §democracy and of the shift from local government to §local governance, the book focuses on two themes §related to the nature of local democracy within a §local governance context: firstly, the conditions §required for a system of local governance based on §the coexistence of representation and participation; §secondly, the issues that arise in relation to the §management of a system of local democratic governance §characterised by a high degree of organisational and §societal complexity. The book suggests that only the §coexistence of multiple channels of §participation, dimensions of representation, sources §of legitimacy, mechanisms of accountability, and §forms of leadership can generate a robust system of §local democratic governance. In addition, it argues §that local democratic governance should be §characterised by a meta-level of co-ordination and §management, based on deliberative processes and §social learning, and on continuous innovation and §experimentation. The analysis and conclusions §presented are relevant for policy makers, §professionals and academics working in the field of §local governance and democracy.
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