Developing Google Areal Images Using Flying Robot with Specified Path

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    Developing Google Areal Images Using Flying Robot with Specified Path

    The basic idea of this book is to use the UAV in civil Application. The type of UAV used was quadcopter. The controller used for this mission is Autopilot controller APM2.6 . This type of controller is open source controller and the software used to program is also open source software called Mission Planner. the APM2.6 is usually used for Outdoor Applications. Mission Planner has access to Google Map in order to draw the Path desired for the robot. The work of this book divide in two parts. The first part is to make a path planning for the robot. A camera phone is attached to the quadcopter in order to record the area the Robot flying above. The second part is to make aerial image that cover the whole area. This new aerial image was compared with Google satellite image since the Google map has old images for free edition . The new aerial image was used to measure lengths of parameters on the images. These measures compared with real measurements of these parameters . Also a GPS location was taken from points on the aerial image using ArcGIS program. The real GPS point of the same points was measured and compared with these results and the error was in the safe range.
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